Hey There!!

I'm Ty Neyedly. An Email Marketer and Strategist.I help online coaches earn more every month with simple email marketing, building your own community and taking you to the stars and beyond. 🚀I'll even tell you an awful dad joke too.


I am a dad, husband, and creative entrepreneur.I have a passion for the many different things in life. Marketing is one that never left me, and I enjoy helping others grow their business.My values are to be open, honest, ethical, and transparent with anyone that I work with. I believe in helping you achieve your goal the best way possible using email marketing and building a community.


Samples vary from many different areas of copywriting.
From tech articles, email copy, landing pages, and ebooks.

7 Pillars To Stellar Copy

  1. Read and Learn - Learn what works and doesn't for you by auditing old copy used in your business.

  2. Revitalize - Rewrite the old copy to understand it for me.

  3. Investigate - Research your market and your competitors.

  4. Distill - Have the benefits of your product or service be highlighted.

  5. Clear and Concise - Write new copy in a clear and concise manner.

  6. Rest and Revisit - Let it all distill for a day or two. Fresh eyes help with editing.

  7. Deliver - Send you the first draft for review and edits.


Available by appointment to discuss your goals and help build your business.Contact by email or book a free 30-min Strategy Session here